Contract of carriage with a Tandem


The company Flugschule FlyAirea Tirol GmbH with the pilot

commits as the pilot to transport the passenger

in the double seated Paraglider (Tandemflight) for a fee. 

Terms of transportation

  1. The date and further details of the flight are determined by the pilot.
  2. The necessary insurances (owner’s liability and passenger’s liability insurance) have been concluded by the company  Flugschule FlyAirea Tirol GmbH.
  3. The safe execution of the passenger flight with the paraglider requires from the passenger an exact adherence to the instructions of the pilot  to the start preparations, the start itself, the flight and the landing. These will be made known to the passenger during an instruction at the pre-flight briefing.
    There is an increased risk of accidents, particularly during takeoff and landing. During these phases, the pilot must be particularly confident that the passenger will perform the required procedures and movements as explained during the pre-flight briefing or as directly instructed by the pilot. The passenger must be aware that any misconduct, such as

    – during takeoff, completing the takeoff run before takeoff, assuming a seated position before the pilot instructs to do so,
    – in flight, any behavior that seriously distracts the pilot from the performance of his or her duties as pilot of the aircraft,
    – during landing, failing to assume the walking or sitting position as directed by the pilot for a safe landing,

    may lead to accidents with the risk of serious physical injury.
  4. The pilot is obliged to cancel the scheduled passenger flight if
    – the weather conditions are not safe enough to carry out the flight properly,
    – he has reasonable doubt that the passenger will be able to safely meet the requirements of the flight, or will follow the instructions,
    – he/she determines that a technical defect in the equipment – including the passenger’s personal equipment – prevents the flight from being carried out safely.
  5. The passenger is obliged not to embark on the agreed passenger flight if he
    – is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or under the influence of narcotic, mind-altering or stimulant medication,
    – suffers from a circulatory, nervous, cardiac or musculoskeletal disorder,
    – has not received the instruction mentioned under point 3 from the pilot or has not understood it.
  6. The existing passenger liability insurance of the Carrier or the Owner covers liability for damages due to the death, bodily injury or damage to health of a passenger as a result of an accident within the scope of the legal regulations. To the extent permitted by law, the passenger releases the pilot(s) and its/their people as well as the owner from any liability beyond existing insurances.

  7. All items carried, e.g. camera, cell phone, glasses, are exclusively in the care of the passenger.
  8. If complaints occur directly after the flight, they must be reported and documented immediately. If no report is made by the passenger, an unchanged good health condition is assumed. The company Flugschule FlyAirea Tirol GmbH is thus exempted from any liability for complaints filed later.
  9. The company Flugschule FlyAirea Tirol GmbH does not take over cleaning costs if clothes of the passenger get dirty.