Guests are always welcome from all regions to fly in our FlyAirea. But there is a regulation which shows, who can fly every Airea even whet it is not certified. Someone who is not from a country which is on this list, needs to go with us to certified student starting Aireas and first needs to make the Austrian paragliding license with us before he/she is allowed to fly everywhere. We’re sorry – we don’t make the rules but we follow them strictly!

We can rent a glider, a harness with rescue and a helmet to you. If you are a student, one is always reserved for you. In case you are flying with our equipment but you are not attending a course, It’s your own duty to have the necessary insurance for our glider. When you are picking up the glider, please bring the proof of insurance with you and sign the following form before which is then automatically sent to our inbox. In case you don’t bring your proof of insurance, we will not give you any equipment!

The price for the complete checked equipment you will get with a request (WhatsApp, Mail, Call or Website-Chat)


The company Flugschule FlyAirea Tirol GmbH is renting a equipment for paragliding to the certified pilot:

Terms of gear-rental and flying in the FlyAirea

  1. Just pilots on the guest-flying-list are allowed to fly with their own license.
  2. Guests who are not on the list in 1. needs to book a course to be able to fly together with flight teachers in the FlyAirea.
  3. Flugschule FlyAirea Tirol GmbH is not giving any equipment to a pilot who does not have the necessary insurance. The proof of insurance need to be shown to us as well as the license.
  4. Flugschule FlyAirea Tirol GmbH is not assuming any liability which is caused with the rented equipment.
  5. Flugschule FlyAirea Tirol GmbH won’t be guilty if any accident happens with the rented equipment.
  6. In case of damaging the equipment, the pilot needs to pay for the repair. In case of bigger damages, the complete equipment needs to be paid.
  7. The agreed rental price will be paid in advance including a deposit. The price is agreed with separate negotiations.